Down the Docks….visiting the unknown

Dublin’s Docklands have changed incredibly over recent decades and none more so then down by the East Link Bridge. Here you can find the 3 Arena, which used to be the O2 and before this the Point Depot. A lot of concerts have taken place in the area, and a lot of memories shape these wonderful nights out, but there is a very different feel only 50 metres up the road, if you take the time to wander. This photo is of the old railway line which must have been used to move goods. It’s a desolate but beautiful area now.

If you are visiting places which are derelict or run down make sure you wear boots. Also make sure you have a charge in your phone in case the place is some distance from people and you need help. Public places can be guarded in most countries, so make sure you ask permission first before you take pictures. My advice is not to go in to areas of construction alone. Accidents can and do happen, so it is always safer to have someone with you or nearby.

The Tracks at the Shipyard near the Eastlink 

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