Street Photography Sales Tips

Street Photography is very subjective, there I said it. It’s not easy to quantify, and even harder to sell, but we take them photos anyway. However, If I was to give you some tips on how to sell your street photos it would be these. Bare in mind there are lots of different ways to sell photos, these are just a few you can try in most countries.

1. Get a Casual Traders Licence. They are around €225 maybe just €220. They allow you to sell on the street on Saturdays and Sundays but maybe only in designated areas.

2. Interior decorators always need new photos for new places. Try the yellow pages and work from here.

3. Exhibitions get you noticed and you can sell. Find out the costs of different places in your area and hire a PR person to help you get the recognition you deserve. You can get them for a once off event quiet cheap.

4. There is not much money in coffee table books any more, but if you happen to buy one you can find the publishing details on the inside cover. Here you can send an email with examples of your own work.

5. Ebooks are a very popular way to try and gain followers and sell books. Try a small free ebook first and then build a larger one for sale.

6. Fine Art America is one example of a website you could use to sell your prints online. There are others of course and in due time I will endeavour to comprise a list you can use or share.

7. Newspapers are always after fillers and these stories come in the form of ‘Sunday for Monday’. If you take a picture of an incident which you think might be newsworthy, why not try and put something together for the press association. You never know, we may make a Journalist out of you yet.



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