Eat, Sleep and Drink Street Photography

Something people easily forget while walking around is their need to pack in lots and lots of Calories, and on top of this liquid, while at the same time making sure they’ve had lots of sleep the night before.

It is said, an army marches on it’s stomach and so should you. If you are a Vegan, or a Vegetarian, you have to remember there are a lot of countries out there who simply refuse to cater for your diet, so be aware. Also if you are slightly anaemic, remember your iron. Asthma, inhaler etc.

A good camera bag should offer you enough pockets to fit everything, and if it doesn’t, use a carrier bag, as you can always hold things in it till you find a bin.

Water is very important. Like it or not you will sweat, you might even run once or twice to get the best shot, and it doesn’t matter if it’s cold. If you lose liquids you have to replace them, otherwise you will dehydrate.

Try to make sure you get a good night’s sleep before you leave the house, apartment or hotel room. Being tired can lead to you forgetting things you put down. Also, walking around will be no fun if you are constantly yawning and losing concentration. You’re best stuff will come when you are fully charged.

Finally, make sure you have a little something with sugar, unless of course you are a diabetic. Then it’s only for emergencies. No harm in having a wrist band with any allergies you have on it too. The sugar is important because it will aid concentration when you start to wain. A glucose drink is alway a good substitute or some fruit like an apple, orange or maybe even a banana or two.

The Olympia Theatre Dublin

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