Street Photography. It’s social importance

Once you have got used to your equipment, and are taking pictures at will, it may be time to move to the next phase of your development. Story telling.


This is the most important aspect to your photo, and even though you may not have much time to make a proper decision, instinct is not always your best friend.

My advice is to go in to town with an idea in mind, a bit like a journalist. You want to focus on say Homelessness. This is an important and good topic, but it is not correct to photograph homeless people without consent, and generally they don’t like it.

In this case try and find an angle to your photo. People ignoring a sleeping person is the story associated with the photo below, but yours could be sleeping rough at Government buildings, or families on the streets.

Colour or Black and White

Experienced photographers will tell you to take in Colour as you can revert later, whereas you can’t the other way around, however this is always up to you.

If it’s about politicians and lavish colours and big expensive celebrations why not colour, if it’s about grief and horrible conditions then Black and White or Sepia may be more relevant. It’s really down to what you want your story to be. It doesn’t have to be a sad one.

What am I allowed take

Possession is nine tenths of the law, and so by rights you own what you take, and anything taken in a public place can therefore be shown to the general public, However, you need to make sure what you take is not on private property. A bar, a restaurant and other places could demand a photo taken within their facility be not be shown in public, so you may need legal advice if you ever exhibit such photos.

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