Street Photography. Perspective

Live music on the streets of Dublin

Perspective in photography relates to how you view an object, but it can also refer to an angle with which you take the photograph.

When you are starting out it can be very easy to get sucked in to Landscape and Portrait, however these are only two of many forms of photography you will learn.

Below is a street level photo of an entertainer. The black and white allows for the darkness to creep in to the foreground creating a voyeuristic feeling, a cave like angle if you will.

The object is kept in the distance, but centred, the voyeur or homeless person lying in a doorway, is enthralled by the sound and finds an angle to capture it’s creator.

Of course you can take these photos in colour and render, but I would stick to black and white if you want to create a darker atmosphere.

Cobbles and rain offer a great canvas for Street Photography, don’t be afraid to use them when you come across them.


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