Street Photography. Pricing your prints

Candles in a Church in Ireland

First up, I am going to give you a basic price list for retailers. These could be galleries, shops, individual art collectors. These are basically 100% mark up in the main. Most people will tell you to charge 200% or more as you should put a value on your time, but when you are starting off you need to know what people like, so it is good to start off with a basic profit margin.



8×6 photo framed      €45.00

8×8 photo framed      €50.00

10×8 photo framed    €50.00

10×10 photo framed  €70.00

12×8 photo framed    €70.00

12×12 photo framed  €80.00

16×12 photo framed  €95.00

16×16 photo framed  €95.00

20×16 photo framed  €110.00

20×20 photo framed  €130.00

30×20 photo framed  €190.00



There is a good chance you will be charged 10C per square inch by the printer. This depends on the paper used etc. I am giving you a starting point figure to help you understand how it is priced.

E.G. 8 x 10 = 80.







A pack of 10 May cost you $10.99 on Amazon



You can get frames for all sorts of prices, but a frame with a white mount might be better then getting separate Mattes. One may cost you $9.99.

So if you go with a black frame with mount plus the print it could cost you $18. You wholesale price could be $50. Not far off 200% right there.

One word of warning. If you are approaching a chain of shops, they will probably ask for three examples and a wholesale price list. They won’t want to be kept waiting so have an email ready and waiting if they ask, and they will ask.


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