Street Photography. Catching the moment

Busker on Grafton Street stares over and smiles as he gets his photo taken

Once you get used to the long days in the city, happy with your camera choice, and your lens, you can start to relax a little and choose a genre, style or maybe a subject of interest.

Too often new photographers focus on taking a picture of everything, not wanting to miss anything, but catching next to nothing.


The most important thing to do is wait, be patient and know what you are after. Street entertainers are great because they are generally characters, and their personality shows through because they have to sell themselves. Make sure they know you are there, and always throw them some money if you can.


Celebrations like Halloween are also good because people get to dress up and actually be the opposite, they get to be some one else. Here people can sometimes surprise you in how they act, who they are behind the veil.


The best type of photo however, is the one which comes to you, and in this you can decide on the composition. Here a young girl, starting out in life is getting her picture taken, whereas the older lady is sitting contemplating life and what’s ahead.

However you find your photo, make sure you are ready to take it. Millions of great photos are missed every year because the lens cap is still on.

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