Street Photography. Street Art and Graffiti

Donald Trump used in Graffiti in Dublin Ireland

Street Art in the form of Graffiti dates back as far as Ancient Egypt, and although it became more prominent in WWII after the fall of Berlin, it was not until the introduction of the aerosol can in the 1960’s that it became a worldwide socio political phenomenon.


However, where there is discord, there are rules. And in France in the 1990’s, they made an effort to curve the spread of Graffiti by bringing in legislation. Britain followed suite in 2003 creating antisocial laws, and Europe did the same in 2006.


In September 2006, the European Parliament directed the European Commission to create urban environment policies to prevent and eliminate dirt, litter, graffiti, animal excrement, and excessive noise from domestic and vehicular music systems in European cities, along with other concerns over urban life.


Musicians and their fans have used graffiti to promote what they think is good or important, also gangs have created boundaries for their territories, and fashion lovers have incorporated their styles and designs, but it wasn’t until Banksey’s use of stencils that the progress of artistic creation became more accessible and possible for more people.


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