Street Photography. Saint Stephen’s Green Ireland

Situated at the top of Dublin’s main shopping thoroughfare, Grafton Street, is one of the most wonderful city parks you could come across. Saint Stephen’s Green, Designed in it’s current form by William Sheppard, opened it’s doors to the general public in 1880, having been privately available to locals since the 1660’s.


The space offers areas to sit on both grass and and seating provided, and now offers a play area for kids with slides and swings etc.


Herron, seagulls, pigeons and small fish share two ponds with wild ducks, swans and other wildlife. There are trees which surround the ponds and areas to go if it rains. The water comes from the Grand canal.


In 1916 rebels controlled the area during the Easter Uprising. One of the men involved with Countess Markievicz was Michael Mallin, there is a statue to commemorate him.

Another aspect of the park lies on the north west corner of the central area, a garden for the blind with scented plants, which can withstand handling, and are labelled in Braille.


The Flowers which surround Mr Mallin also surround the centre piece of the park. It is a garden like area with fountains and flowerbeds.



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