Street Photography Ireland. The Atmosphere

Couple kissing in the rain in Dublin Ireland

Try to capture a feeling

One thing which is lacking in a lot of Amateur and professional photos, is a sense of what is. Where am I? What’s going on? Who are these people, and what are they doing here?


Colour and Black and White

To convey this we can use colours, or hues of Black and White. Sometimes to show warmth we use Sepia, Cold is blue and red is hot etc. Things we understand since childhood. Another easy way to explain temperature is show coats, hats and scarfs for cold, umbrellas can help convey wet or a recent shower.


Using the conditions

Not only does Weather convey how it feels, it can also show how others feel. A couple kissing in the rain under an umbrella, holding hands under the clock, a group of friends huddled together at the gate of a college.



Loneliness and Togetherness are powerful images. A lot of photographers get caught up in things like Lines, shadows, reflections and light when really the average onlooker just wants to feel what’s going on. Express yourself, and try not to copy what others did, follow what you do.



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