Street Photography. Advertising

Bottle of Carlsberg in Dublin Ireland


It’s important to remember most products are either consumed or used outdoors, so expect an employer or contractor to suppose you will use the natural environment to place what they are selling.


What are the important factors to advertising photography?

1. Understand the product. Research it and know who will use it or consume it.

2. Know your client. What do they expect from you.

3. Know the customer.

4. Know what the client is trying to convey to the customer. Ask if you are not sure.

5. Research rivals. Know what rivals to your client are doing and put forward ideas which will impress.

6. Understand the brief. Make sure you know the timeline and budget. Going over will affect your credibility.

7. Research the weather. If shooting outdoors you can’t get caught out if you have a crew or models.


If Carlsberg did advertising photos….




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