Street Photography Samples. Yoga

Marese Cregg YogaYoga in Galway, Ireland

As a street photographer or someone learning their trade, it can always be useful to go outside your comfort zone. And on this one project I did just this.


This weekend I travelled to the west of Ireland, Galway in fact, and took some photos for a friend who is a Yoga Teacher.


Galway is the Goa of Ireland, and is littered with the alternative lifestyle, so much so it has become central to the Yoga Revival in Ireland.


The house I stayed in was wall to wall Zen, a cornucopia of colours and and sounds so beautiful it was hard not to be relaxed.


      1. You should totally give it a try. I think a lot of stuff may come up for you if you have any issues you haven’t dealt with. I guess it wakes your mind to deal with all your crap and grab your lessons, but yes, it also helps you sleep better. I know I sleep better, deeper, which is saying something, because I’ve always been an ultralight sleeper, which is a complete pain in the butt! But maybe for the last few weeks, I’ve slept much more deeply. And I’m thankful. I’ll just be glad when I reach a calmer, more relaxed state – like the bliss, but I’m not gonna quit now. I have to get there…if I don’t go crazy first. Today was just an off day, I think.

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      2. Yes, all electrical devices should be off and not too close to your head. If your cell phone or alarm clock is close by, cover it a cloth or something to keep the light and energy away from your face. Just be sure you wake up on time.

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