Street Photography Samples. Street Posing

Man dressed as Freddie Kruger poses for a picture at Halloween

Trying to find the right pose for someone can be difficult but here are a few simple tips which may help.


1. The right side

It might seem strange but it works. Take a photo of the left side of someone’s face then the right, and then choose which suites the photo better. For some there is no good side, but we think this sounds negative.

2. Lighting

If you don’t have good lighting use a street lamp or light coming from a shop. Alternatively bring a lamp or torch. Small ones:)

3. Make up or costume

Make up and costume colours change at night where some colours just become dark. Make sure you know what you want, colour or black and white, before you start or you could be disappointed. Play with costume poses like the one below.

Man dressed as Freddie Kruger poses for a picture at Halloween

4. The tea pot

Yes the dreaded hand on hip and face turned sideways. It gives the body a shape and takes away the possibility of you looking like your in a communion photograph.

5. Tongue on roof of mouth

It supposedly straightens your neck or throat and so takes lines or double chin away. Personally we just just think it tightens the muscles there. But you can always give it a go.

6. Angle of shot

For short people take the shot from below and visa versa. People generally don’t like their height to become an issue in a photo, so try not to take a photo beside something it can be measured by.

7. Props

Add a prop like the bubbles below to give movement to your photo. It can add energy and a sense of living to something which would normally just be a 2D image.

Photograph of woman blowing bubbles as an example of good Photographic exposure



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