Street Photography Tips. Photography Printing

A Stanley blade and photograph sit on a table after being used to cut a photograph down to size

What is the best photograph size for a present?

Recently my Mother wanted me to give some photographs as a present, minus the inlay and frames, as people might want to get their own. I agreed, but as it wasn’t something I was selling, I had no clue as to the size someone would want for their home. I was lost.

Then I came up with a plan. I went to my account on Fine Art America and clicked on one of my images. I then chose a frame. Now I was able to view a template of what something would look like on a wall in a home. Bingo. In the end I chose something which was very close to A1. A1 is 59.4CM x 84.1CM

Sample of photograph on wall in house taken by The Street Photographer's Guide
Photo was just over 5.6 Megabites A1 size

File Sizes

Yes it is big, but once you don’t have a low resolution photo, you should be fine. The list below should help size wise, PPI is Pixels per inch so you can see how you may lose definition if you print this size with a low resolution. Even so, You can tell from my photos they still turned out fine with even low MB.

A1 – 72 PPI 1684 Pixels 2384 Pixels 4.01MP
A1 – 200 PPI 4678 Pixels 6622 Pixels 31MP
A1 – 300 PPI 7017 Pixels 9933 Pixels
A1 – 400 PPI 9356 Pixels 13244 Pixels


Here’s are some free tools to help you calculate megapixel, sign your name on photos and resize photos

MP Calculator

App to sign Photos

A+ Signature

Resize Photos

Keep the board cover to protect print



To print I went to a Fuji Film in a local chemist, rather than a bespoke printer which you might want to use for selling. The A1 cost me €21 per print. About $25. Not bad.

Unfortunately it was not aligned properly and I had to cut around the border. This meant there was no room left to sign it. So when getting prints make sure they know what they are doing and if you want to sign something make sure you have space. Some people say a Silver pen is great for signing. Also make sure you state whether you want it rolled or not, some people don’t but for this size it’s better to carry unless you have bought your backing board.

A Stanley blade and photograph sit on a table after being used to cut a photograph down to size
Use the backing board to help cut your boarder


To Remove Border

As the photos were not aligned properly I removed the borders altogether using a Stanley knife and a backing board. Place the board along the edges of the photo and use it as a ruler. It does not have to be perfect as you will lose a few mms with inlay or if just using board you won’t notice. We may do a video on this later if people want one.

The Burren in Clare Ireland used as a Photographic print sample for the street photographer's guide


Backing board

A backing board can be bought in an Arts and Crafts shop. They have different sizes so if you want to print different sizes these people will help you out. Allign the photo on top of the board and cut around. Make sure you measure the distances from the side of the photo to the board’s edge.

You should use some wood beneath the board as you will be cutting through. Use bluetac to stick photo to board if the board is not going to be used as a mount. You can always use an A1 as a poster without the board don’t forget as it is actually poster size.

Sample of photographic print created by the street photographer's guide using the Customs House in Dublin Ireland


Inlay and Frame

You can get frames online on and many shop related websites but my advice is to go to a specialist dealer. Ring them up and get prices before you drop in or check their websites. By going to a dealer in frames you can get the right frame for the photo and the right inlay. Antique frames can be bought from an Antique dealer.

If you like the Samples used and want to purchase please send us an email though the contact section with sales in the subject box.


Samples Used

The Portrait Sample

The Burren County Clare Ireland


A1 Poster Size

Gloss Finish

Fuji Film Print in local Chemist (Pharmacy) €21 $25

Backing board found in art and crafts shop €2.99 $4

Nikon D3300 50mm 1.8G 24MP


The Landscape Sample

The Customs House Dublin Ireland


A1 Poster Size

Gloss Finish

Fuji Film Print in local Chemist (Pharmacy) €21 $25

Backing board found in art and crafts shop €2.99 $4

Panasonic LUMIX G5 16MP 14 to 42



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