Street Photography Samples. Irish Musicians

Every year People come from all around the world to listen to musicians strut their stuff in Irish Venues all around the country, but what they probably do not know is many of them made their name busking on Grafton Street and all the other cobbled dark streets of Ireland.

Irish Times photo showing Bono and others busking at Christmas

Even now every Christmas these same people take to the streets without police or security and play for charity. As it’s not a country which has taken to the selfie or celebrity it seems to suite them fine. My own father used to move U2 on near Merchant’s Arch when they were finished a set, they were very good.


But rock music plays second fiddle to folk for a lot of people and Gospel Singing has also become very popular with the locals. You can always tell if people like a sound by the amount of people around them.

Irish Band at the top of Grafton Street

Most bands who play in the cities do so to promote their music. Getting a following will allow them to get paid by a bar or other band for backing them. They sell music as well.

Brazilian Music on Grafton Street

We have a big Brazilian population in Ireland now and it is interesting how their music is making it’s way on to the streets and getting a following.


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