10 Great Photos to inspire a Photojournalist. No. 10 The Anti War Protest

Jan Rose Kasmir offers a flower to a solider at Anti War protest in Washington DC

No. 10    Anti Vietnam Protests Washington DC

Jan Rose Kasmir offers a flower to a solider at Anti War protest in Washington DC
Washington DC. 1967. Jan Rose KASMIR, confronts the American National Guard outside the Pentagon during the 1967 anti-Vietnam march. This march helped to turn public opinion against the US war in Vietnam. Photo Marc Riboud


17-year-old Jan Rose Kasmir raises a chrysanthemum to the tip of a soldier’s bayonet during a march on the Pentagon protesting the Vietnam War. Photographer Marc Riboud took the picture on what was to become an historic day.

50 years later the same lady was at it again, marching against the election of President Trump, telling people how outraged she was at electing someone who disrespects the post.

However the first time round she didn’t even know her photo existed for 20 years. Her father found the photograph in a Magnum photo book and pointed it out to her. She immediately rang the Photographer and things went on from there.

She is now an author and inspirational speaker. Amazing what one simple act of kindness can do amid all the horror. A lesson to us all….






  1. In China, a lot of gov’t officials won’t say the word “jasmine” out loud, after the Tiananmen Square protests. I think the Riboud photo is better than the one I’ve seen more often, although that one is effective also:

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