10 Great Photos to inspire a photojournalist. No. 8 Northern Ireland

Jack Duffy is carried after being the first shot dead on Bloody Sunday

No. 8 Northern Ireland 1970’s

Jack Duffy is carried after being the first shot dead on Bloody Sunday
The body of Jack Duddy is being carried away after being shot on Bloody Sunday

The 1960’s and 1970’s brought with them great changes in modern life, and none more so in Catholic Nationalist areas of Northern Ireland. One such incident still lives with us today and will forever be a reminder of the bad times the Provence lived through. This day became known as Bloody Sunday. The incident, live ammunition fire on Protestors.

As protestors ran from an army line, shots rang out, hitting a Mr. Jack Ruddy, who was the first casualty of the day. The man standing beside Mr. Ruddy, Father Daly gave him his last rites.

The then Priest in the picture, Father Edward Daly, became a symbol of determination in the face of adversity due to a series of photographs taken by photojournalist Fulvio Grimaldi, as he tried to get Mr. Ruddy to a safe place.

Speaking to the BBC on hearing of the death of now Bishop Edward Daly, Fulvio said

“I want to take this opportunity to appreciate his (Edward Daly’s) courage, his bravery in doing his duty and beyond his duty,”

“I was very proud and happy to see that this picture then ended up as an iconic symbol of the suffering of the Derry people and of the Northern Irish people at large.”






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