Photographic Video of Ireland

Photograph of O'Connell Bridge in Dublin Ireland


Recently we decided to push forward with the YouTube Channel and move on to Vloggs. Before we do so however we wanted to post some videotography of the photos we took with the Panasonic the Nikon and different lenses

Please let us know what you think or if it is something you want done with your own photos.



      1. I use iMovie. It’s pretty good. I posted a couple (look for “happy” and the Bhutan monks in my blog, if you’re interested). It’s a pretty cool way of presenting photos: I’ll look for your next one!

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      2. Great stuff thanks so much. YouTube compresses everyone’s files. There is no such thing as 4K there not really. So I guess it depends on the hardware people have to catch the videos and the size of the photos being used. We are going to drone soon and vlogg the results should be exciting.

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